Wado-Kai Karate Do Shin Gi Tai Italia (WKSI) is a noThe picture shows the logo of Wado-Kai Karate Do Shin Gi Tai - Italia. In detail it shows a fist and a bird in a circle, coloured in the national colours of Italy.n-profit amateur sports association based in Italy. It is the Italian official branch of the Japan Karatedo Federation of Wado-Kai, the highest-ranking Wado-ryu Karate-do organization worldwide, and is affiliated to CSEN (Italy’s National Sports and Education Centre), the largest sports promotion association in Italy recognized by C.O.N.I. (Italian Olympic Committee).

Wado-Kai Karate Do Shin Gi Tai Italia was established upon the initiative of some Italian Wado-ryu instructors with the aim to continue to study and preserve the traditional style according to the principles taught by its founder, Hironori Otsuka Sensei, which was jointly passed on by his most estimated and capable students.

Why are we Partner of the PRIME Project?

WKSI fully adopts the concept of integrated sport: in this regard, it is very keen on involving people with disabilities in sport practice and helping them with motor activity during daily training classes, as well as with sport projects in schools and national and international competitions. The coaches and trainers who are members of the association pursue the shared goal of promoting Karate as a means of social inclusion. WKSI can be instrumental to the project PRIME by transferring its competences acquired on the field through formal, non formal and informal training. This way, it can contribute to enhancing equal opportunities and accessibility to sport for all, and improving the sense of social cohesion in line with the project objectives.