ITF is tThe picture shows the logo of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). In detail it shows a fist in different colours (red, blue, black, green, yellow). Below stands International Taekwon-Do Federation in big letters.he International Taekwon-Do Federation which was founded on March 22, 1966 in Seoul, South Korea, by General Choi Hong Hi, who developed Taekwon-Do to promote the teaching of martial arts.

The International Taekwon-do Federation is a global, non-profit organisation legally registered in Spain and has its headquarters in Benidorm.  It is has a strong presence on all six continents.

The ITF promote and develop Taekwon-Do as a means of building a better society on a foundation of peace, freedom, and justice

The ITF  represents, promotes and works for the development of the practice of Taekwon-Do in all countries in the world by identifying and collaborating with affiliated organizations, such as its Continental Federations, National Associations and Allied National Associations and thereby providing assistance to local Taekwon-Do organizations.

Why are we Partner of the PRIME Project?

The international Taekwondo-Do Federation are excited, passionate and committed to developing the PRIME project. This project will help our ITF community expand, become stronger, unite and increase participation for our art throughout the World.  Our ITF are very keen to develop a recognised qualification, common to the World of Martial Arts to ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunities within TKD.