Ikkaido (The picture shows the logo of the Disability Karate Federation (DKF). In details it shows a figure and a circle, looks like a person in a wheelchair. In the circle stands DKF.also known as The Disability Karate Federation) is a Disability Sports Organisation and registered charity based in the muliti-cultural City of Oxford located in the middle of England.

The objects of Ikkaido are to improve the lives of people who are disabled, disadvantaged, suffering from mental illness, infirmity or living with poverty. Ikkaido or the Open Way, uses martial arts so that everyone can participate, achieve and enjoy the feelings that achievement brings.  Every martial art, every style and every person with any form of disability can participate in Ikkaido and everyone receives an achievable challenge in a fun celebration of their skills.

We use fun sessions of safe, non-contact martial arts, where learning is in bite-sized chunks, to create a sense of psycho-social well-being which leads to physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive improvements.  Through martial arts we provide disadvantaged people with opportunities in education and employment and work to improve inclusion in the modern communities of social media as well as traditional communities.

Our trained coaches do not instruct martial arts, but use martial arts to coach people.

Why are we Partner of the PRIME Project:

Martial arts were founded on the principles known as the “Seven Virtues of Bushido”; determination, benevolence and compassion, right behaviour and actions, sincerity, integrity and honesty, and responsibility.  It is these values which have led to the development of our charity and guided all of our work.

Our greatest motivation is the smiles on people’s faces.