Hayashi Karatecenter e.V. ( Karate without Boarders) provides peoplThe logo shows the Hayashi Karatecenter. It shows in detail a red sun with japanese signs and the wording Hayashi Karatecenter.e with and without disabilities, the opportunity to learn Karate and is a non-profit organization based in Germany, State of Saarland.

Hayashi Karatecenter e.V. are affiliated to the World Karate and Kickboxing Union and Hayashi are also linked to the Disability and Rehabilitation Sports Association of Saarland (BRS) to try to create courses to qualify coaches and extend the knowledge of the various types of disability.

The Keyword for Hayashi is inclusion.  Martial arts connect people, young, old, athletic or people with Disability. No matter what nationality, religion and with or without a physical disability, healthy physical exercise for all is the goal.  It is important that the barriers that still exist between disabled and non-disabled people be further reduced. This is a significant problem in today’s society. Hayashi provide martial arts for people with disabilities and training for physical and mental agility, fun and games and social skills (such as fairness, empathy, teamwork, leadership).

Why are we Partner of the PRIME Project:

We bring people together with and without disabilities, and can change the future with our project. We live inclusion!